Healthy Relationship Tips

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ImageSuccessful relationships are in an important aspect of our lives. The most vital relationship is with our husband, wife or partner and yet any relationship can be put at risk because of a lack of thought and understanding about what enables a relationship to stand the test of time and be a deep and nurturing relationship.

No one learns how to conduct relationships and how to make them  successful relationships. Most people bring to any relationship their history, insecurities, fears, anxieties and past influences. No one begins a relationship a clean sheet. It is therefore vital to do those things that give your relationship the best chance to succeed and be a healthy one for everyone involved.

Bad relationships can become healthy relationships if both people are willing to take responsibility and change.

Steven Harold an experienced hypnotherapist in London describes successful relationship tips which if you use can help you and your loved one to have a healthy and thriving relationship.

Hypnobirthing – Tips for Comfortable Easy Childbirth

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We have been led to believe that childbirth is going to be a painful, stressful and exhausting experience. If a mother-to-be expects to be in pain, she is much more likely to tense up and this increases the chances of a troublesome experience not only for her but for her baby too.

hypnobirthingHypnobirthing, which combines the use of hypnosis during pregnancy and childbirth helps to relax the mother, ease the father’s anxiety and make for a smoother and easier passage for the baby to be born. Helen Craven, an experienced hypnotherapist in London and Kent provides help using hypnosis for expectant mothers and fathers. Indeed the NHS has commissioned a study in Lancashire to look at the efficacy of hypnosis for pregnant mothers, helping them during labour and beyond.

To find out more read Hypnobirthing for an easier birth, an article that describes hypnobirthing and a more comfortable experience for all.


How to Find a Hypnotherapist

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How to Find a Hypnotherapist

** click above link to read tips **

10 tips to help you choose and find a hypnotherapist is an article authored by professional hypnotherapist Tricia Woolfrey.

choose a hypnotherapsitTricia runs a busy hypnotherapy practice in Harley Street London and West Byfleet, Surey. She describes the key elements of assessing the best hypnotherapist to help you overcome your issue. Not everyone has the fortune to have a personal recommendation for the best hypnotherapist. If you don’t know where to start and what questions you should be asking to find a hypnotherapist, these 10 tips will help you feel more confident to find a hypnotherapist that is right for you.





Hypnotherapist Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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Hypnotherapists offer help with Anxiety, stress and depression related problems, addictions, phobias, weight loss, stop smoking, OCD and other issues in Buckinghamshire.

Experienced hypnotherapists in Buckingham, Marlow, High Wycombe and other towns and cities in Buckinghamshire offer help for a wide variety of issues and are conveniently located. Most hypnotherapists in Buckinghamshire will also offer complementary brief therapies that also play a positive role in helping anyone. Some of these brief and yet effective therapies are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EMT (Eye Movement Therapy) along with other methods from psychotherapy.

Self hypnosis may be taught to you if you attend a number of hypnotherapy sessions or you may be provided with an appropriate hypnosis mp3 recording to listen to. Self hypnosis is like a life-tool and can used for many issues and is particularly helpful for stress, anxiety, worry and as a natural result gives a boost to self confidence bringing a lovely feeling of calmness and serenity.

If you need help with alcohol abuse, weight loss, anxiety, eating disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Performance Improvement, Phobias, Public Speaking, Smoking, Sexual Issues, Hypnotic Birthing please get in touch with hypnotherapists in Buckinghamshire



Hypnotherapy Directory – Find a Hypnotherapist

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Hypnotherapy Directory

Many people are deciding to seek the help of a professional hypnotherapist to help a life issue. These issues can be to lose weight, feel more confident, release a particular phobia (eg. arachnophobia, aviophobia, claustrophobia), public speaking nerves, smoking or other habit or drug addiction as well as alcohol problems (eg. alcohol abuse, alcoholism, binge drinking). It could be that someone just wants to reduce their stress levels and feel more calm and in control.

More and more research is also being conducted to support the efficacy of hypnotherapy. Plus with word of mouth providing much of the driving force behind the popularity of hypnotherapy, it’s no wonder that you might be looking for  hypnotherapy in various towns and cities in the UK.

Find a Hypnotherapist

London, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast all have a good number of hypnotherapists providing a useful service to city dwellers. However even if you live in the country in villages and small towns, a professional hypnotherapy practice is highly likely to be close by and indeed there might even be a choice of a number of hypnotherapist practices in close proximity.

Although anyone could call themselves a hypnotherapist, it is well worth checking that a hypnotherapist you are considering seeing does belong to at least once hypnotherapy association

Neuroses – Acceptance, Growth – Living, Great Life

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What is a great life? What is living life to the full? I guess if we are fortunate enough to live in a country where we are several rungs up the ladder of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we can aim towards the higher aspirations that peak at self actualisation.

What exactly is self actualisation to the man or woman in the street? Well according to the  organismic theorist Kurt Goldstein it’s living up to life’s full potential. Yet most of us have something that gets right in the way of that. If our potential can be likened to the accelerator on a car, then our neuroses could be likened to the brake.

You see potential is one thing, but how often do we get in the way of our own life possibilities? As children we know little about boundaries and limitations. In fact at this age we are constantly testing what is possible, what is allowable, and then concluding on this, leading to what is considered to be self-responsibility.

If self-responsibility is a learnt boundary that makes us socially acceptable, what adds more restrictions to this are developed or acquired neuroses. A typical neurosis can be “what will they (family, friends, colleagues) think of me if I fail? What will I think and how will I feel if I fail in front of them? So what happens is the person with this neurosis may not even attempt some desired goals because of the fear of failure. In effect they are not going to live up to their potential.

It is rare for anyone to escape childhood without a neurosis or two. Indeed maybe they are a healthy part of living life. On the other hand what would happen and how would we be if we didn’t have them? Could we be responsible and also live our life to the full? Could we still empathise and be able to not to worry whether we failed in front of others?

The good news is that even the most successfully people in the world can have empathy and be responsible. These aspects of personality are not mutually exclusive.

So how do we overcome a neurosis that limits our life and may prevent us living a great life? It all begins with acceptance. Many people deny they have a fear or anxiety about some thing. Many people have developed great skills are avoiding facing their neurosis. For the person with a fear of public speaking, their avoidance strategies might be never accepting a job that requires this, going sick on the day they were meant to provide some training or even resigning their post because they had to give a presentation.

Acceptance is the beginning of changing something. Only through acceptance is someone likely to decide to do something about their neurosis and take the first steps to resolving it. It can help to know that any issue or problem you have is highly unlikely to be individual to you. In other words other people will also have suffered from the same issue and will have found a way of resolving it so that it no longer limits their life.

There are many forms of help available. Coaching, counselling, psychotherapy or in the example above, public speaking courses all offer expert help and support to encourage change. Hypnosis in London is also a popular option for many people and is considered a brief form of help.

Resolving our neuroses through acceptance and support such as hypnotherapy leads to personal growth. We discover more about ourselves. This particular brake to self-actualisation then is pressed less often. In fact what was once considered a weakness may change into a strength which for anyone can bring a great feeling of empowerment.





Hypnosis Apps for Insomnia, Blushing, Public Speakings

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Self Hypnosis Recordings

In the old days hypnotherapists would teach their clients self hypnosis and expect their clients to be able to use self hypnosis in a regular daily practice. Actually, this is still true today. Nothing can quite beat the sense of guiding yourself into a hypnotic state and then using that state to improve whatever aspect of your life you want to change. Of course self hypnosis can also be used to enjoy some downtime and the benefits that come with it such a profound feeling of calmness and relaxation.

With the advent of recording media such as vinyl records, hypnotherapists recorded their sessions onto this so that their client could play back the recording, and enjoy a hypnosis session in the comfort of their own home. As technology improved cassette tapes became the medium of choice and then the quality of the recordings improved with compact discs (Cds).

Hypnotherapy AppHypnosis Apps

Today, mp3 downloads are the most popular medium for self hypnosis recordings. With the advent of ever more sophisticated mobile phones and tablets, apps are now becoming increasing popular. Hypnosis apps are now available from many experienced and talented hypnotherapists. Hypnosis apps are available to help with many issues including motivation, blushing, insomnia and public speaking. The cost of hypnotherapy apps is very reasonable too and so it’s quite possible to have a selection of hypnosis apps for a small outlay.


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