Effective Hypnotherapy for Cancer

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Hypnosis and Cancer – Can it help?

Cancer is a frightening diagnosis for anyone but can hypnosis have a positive effect on this disease? Whilst no one is suggesting that cancer can be cured by hypnosis there is no doubt that hypnosis can help ease the worry and stress of having cancer and may be of other benefits too.

hypnotherapy cancerWhen we are stressed the body experiences higher levels of adrenaline which prepares the body for action. Yet as we know the body combats illness best when it is resting such as during sleep and relaxed. Hypnosis can bring about a profound state of relaxation. Just 20 minutes a day of self hypnosis can promote relaxation and aid healing.

Numerous research papers and newspaper articles are being published that describe the uses of hypnosis during different aspects of medical treatment of cancer. Hypnosis can be user prior to breast cancer to boost recovery after the an operation. Hypnosis can help to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy too.

During self hypnosis the imagination can be engaged to target metaphorically or in reality the cancerous cells. A famous case of this was when women with cancer imagined knights on horseback attacked the cancerous cells. The women who did this had longer survival rates than those that didn’t.

Complementary therapies have a role to play along side of converntional approaches to cancer treatment. A hypnotic recording of Hypnosis for Cancer can be a great first step to sampling the power of the mind when using hypnosis.

Hypnotherapist CancerAuthor’s Details

by Steven Harold BA(Hons) DCH DHP  Hypnotherapist in Heanor, Derbyshire

Website: www.hypno-therapist.com

Email: steve@hypno-therapist.com

Hypnotherapy, Matlock, Chesterfield

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Hypnosis near Matlock and Chesterfield is now available in Derbyshire. Hypnotherapy has been used to help many issues including confidence, low self esteem, relationships (personal, social and work). Many people seek hypnosis to help with public speaking (including best man’s speech, training, workshops, presentations and speaking in meetings). Others use hypnosis to help with phobias such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders) , aviophobia (fear of flying) and may other fears and phobias.

Hypnosis convenient for Matlock, Chesterfield and other towns in Derbyshire is also effective for stress, anxiety and worry. Learning self hypnosis can provide a life-long tool for relaxing more easily helping with insomnia (sleep problems) and enabling anyone to cope with life’s ups and downs.

Steven Harold is the resident hypnotherapist now based in Heanor, Derbyshire and offers a free hypnosis consultation. Find out more from his website hypnosis Derbyshire. Steven has been a hypnotherapist in London for over 20 years and now brings his hypnotherapy practice to the lovely county of Derbyshire.

Hypnotherapy in Derbyshire – Quit Smoking

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Hypnosis in Derbyshire is becoming available now. Steven Harold, a clinical hypnotherapist who has run a successful hypnotherapy practice is moving from London to Derbyshire.

Steven has helped thousands of people with their confidence and relationship issues, quit smoking, weight control, phobias, (spiders, motorways, bridges etc), stress, anxiety and worry. Sessions are available in Derbyshire or via Skype. Many hypnotherapists offer their services online using Skype. So it really doesn’t matter where you are based in the world as long as you have access to the internet.


Steven Harold

If you have considered seeing a hypnotherapist for any issue, Steven has a wealth of experience. He offers a free initial consultation for most issues. This lasts for 30 minutes and enables you to find out how hypnotherapy could help you.


Each hypnotherapy in Derbyshire session lasts for 60 minutes except for the Stop Smoking session which is for 90 minutes. Depending on the issue you might expect to have between 2 to 8 sessions on average. You are not committed to a set number of hypnosis sessions as many people gain what they want very quickly. If you want to stop smoking it takes just one session.

Hypnotherapy Derby


Trichotillomania London – Hair Pulling Help

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Trichotillomania – Compulsive Hair pulling

Trichotillomania (TTM), is the often unconscious urge to pull out hair from the body. The hair can be from any region of the body such as the head, eyebrows, eye lashes, ears, nose, under the arms and the pubic region. Many tricho sufferers have the condition since childhood. Some babies have also been seen to pull their hair.

trichotillomania londonIn childhood the ratio of male to female pullers is around 1 to 1. As children grow into teenagers and become adults the proportion of make pullers tends to drop whilst females tend to stay high.

Most people who have TTM will attempt to mask the condition by combing their hair over any bald patches or wearing headgear that mask the problem. If the condition gets worse, trichotillomania can lead to a withdrawal from social engagements and self esteem may drop.

The causes of trichotillomania are not known. There may be a genetic component because it has been seen in infants. Nurturing can play a part too. Sometimes a child will see an adult, may be even a parent pulling their hair and they may mimic them.

Hair pulling can provide some pleasure to some people. There is a sense of relief and release once hair has been pulled. The good feeling experienced from this action may lead to a compulsion to pull again to re-experience the nice feeling.


Hypnotherapy in London for Trichotillomania.

Anne Thornton-Patterson has been treating clients with trichotillomania in London for many years now. She has helped men, women and children. Her experience and success has enabled her to develop a program specifically for hair pulling help.




What is Manxiety and Mangst?

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Male Anxiety AKA ‘Manxiety’

Manxiety refers to specific male perceptions about a man’s ability to cope with life challenges. Many men believe that they are not supposed to admit to struggling with challenges at work, at home, socially or with their health.

manxiety helpMen are much more likely than women to attempt to ignore a health issue and hope that it goes away. Manxiety is the anxiety caused by men enduring the worry of coping without seeking any help or support. Their anxiety is therefore likely to feel worse because they feel they have to cope alone.


In the age range 20 – 40 the rate of men attempting suicide is 3 to 4 times more than women


The cause of this perception may be genetic and as well as governed by the influence of older generations (eg. father, grandfather). It may have both a nature and nurture element to it.

Society has played a role in this too. Heroes tend to be the tough action-taking men. Think of John Wayne films and it soon becomes apparent that Hollywood and other media products can influence men from a an early age into believing how they should be as a man.

Manxiety can be resolved though. The first step is to admit to suffering from anxiety and then to seek help.



Brain Working Recursive Therapy – Free Consultation with Steven Harold in Derbyshire

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Brain Working Recursive Therapy – BWRT – a new 21st Century therapy that helps people change unwanted responses to certain situations. Public speaking fears, phobias, habits, addictions can all be helped with BWRT.

BWRT uses the power and functioning of the brain to make rapid changes and install new neural pathways providing a different response or reaction to previously difficult or challenging situations,

BWRT® – Brain Working Recursive Therapy

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BWRT® – 21st Century Therapy

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy or BWRT®, is a ground breaking process that is gathering moment in the world of therapy. Developed by Terence Watts, it is based on our scientific knowledge of the way the brain works. Other therapies are based on current thinking of the way we believe the mind works and particularly the concept of the conscious and subconscious mind. However the mind is something we can pontificate about without currently having facts to support the way it functions.


bwrt london

BWRT in London

BWRT and the Brain

BWRT® whilst acknowledging the importance of the mind, isn’t hampered by the perception of how it works. It instead uses the facts about the brains abilities and how it processes information. In doing so it provides a powerful and new intervention method to help people to change long-standing and unwanted behaviours.

Typically the sort of behaviours BWRT® has already been effective with is procrastination, emotional eating, fears, phobias, PTSD, confidence, public speaking anxieties and other blocks to healthy and successful living.


BWRT in London

More BWRT® therapists in the UK and other countries are now trained to use this cutting-edge process. BWRT in London and convenient for Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent, is available. Steven Harold an experienced therapist with 18 years of helping people from the UK and other countries is offering BWRT from his East London practice

To find out more about BrainWorking Recursive Therapy and how it may help you please visit Steven’s website highlighted above







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