What is Manxiety and Mangst?

Male Anxiety AKA ‘Manxiety’

Manxiety refers to specific male perceptions about a man’s ability to cope with life challenges. Many men believe that they are not supposed to admit to struggling with challenges at work, at home, socially or with their health.

manxiety helpMen are much more likely than women to attempt to ignore a health issue and hope that it goes away. Manxiety is the anxiety caused by men enduring the worry of coping without seeking any help or support. Their anxiety is therefore likely to feel worse because they feel they have to cope alone.


In the age range 20 – 40 the rate of men attempting suicide is 3 to 4 times more than women


The cause of this perception may be genetic and as well as governed by the influence of older generations (eg. father, grandfather). It may have both a nature and nurture element to it.

Society has played a role in this too. Heroes tend to be the tough action-taking men. Think of John Wayne films and it soon becomes apparent that Hollywood and other media products can influence men from a an early age into believing how they should be as a man.

Manxiety can be resolved though. The first step is to admit to suffering from anxiety and then to seek help.



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