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Mens Depression Therapy Derby

Suffering from depression in Derby and surrounding areas? I know you must feel alone, broken and unworthy. When you feel depressed you can question many aspects of your life. It doesn’t matter what material success you are enjoying or loving relationships you are in, no one is immune to depression, low moods and feeling alone with this condition.

Often depression has crept up on you. Things may have been  going very well in life and suddenly the wheels have come off the wagon and it can feel like life is spiralling out of control.

depression help therapy derby derbyshire hypnosis

Typically someone with depression will experence:-

  • Loss of energy
  • Sleep issues
  • No motivation
  • Pessimism
  • Loneliness
  • Shame

So whether you are successful or struggling to find a way in your life. Whether you are young or old, I would like to reach out to you to help. I too have experienced depressive feelings but I have also noticed what works to move away from them. I know what it feels like. Sometimes personal history in the form of family, school, work and old relationships have been the cause of current low moods. Sometimes the current situation is the cause.

I have noticed that men are particularly prone to depression. Even in this time of gender equality between men and women, there can be a sterotypical masculine pressure on men. The interesting and sad thing is that much of this toxic masculinity is what goes on inside of your head rather than reality. Things have changed in society but maybe as a man, you have not… yet?


Toxic Masculinity, Depression in Men in Derby Derbyshire.

toxic masculinity derbyshireToxic masculinity is as poisonous as the name suggests. It refers to the pressure a man can feel to hide their feelings and emotions, to tough it out, to be the breadwinner, to be unafraid of anything. Typical historical phrases from family and friends that really highlight the trap of toxic masculinity are :

  • Man up
  • Be a man
  • Boys don’t cry
  • Men get even
  • Are you going to do something about that
  • Take it like a man
  • The bigger they are the harder they fall
  • You just need to tough it out
  • What would you father say?]
  • Real men…

Those expressions suppress men’s feelings and emotions. They have suppressed your authentic and true nature. Yet, over time those feelings can come to the boil. They can explode in the most troublesome ways.  They can also lead men to find ways of controlling what wants to come out. This is why suppressing feelings and emotions lead to :-

  • Alcohol issues
  • Drug addiction
  • Extra marital affairs
  • Depression
  • Anger problems
  • Domestic violence
  • Ending of relationship


Help for Toxic Masculinity

If you want to release yourself from the pressure to live up to some preconceived and learnt way of being a man, I would love to help you. If you are ready to learn how to be yourself rather than being someone else’s idea of who you should be, please get in touch. Your life is far too important and valuable to be left to misguided and undated ways of being.

With me you can expect to :-

  • be accepted for who you are
  • be welcomed to speak your mind
  • express your true feelings
  • release your emotions

and all without any judgement.


Had Enough? Ready to Change?

Depression Hypnotherapist Derby

Steve Harold – Therapist

If you are ready to change and feel freer, just give me a call or email me. I can help you release your anxiety. A free consultation is offered so you can meet me and feel comfortable before your sessions begin.

I have experienced similar issues and can tell you that there is a way through and you will get past this and be better because of it. You can reach me on Telephone 01773 436796 (Heanor, Derbyshire UK) or email me at

Let’s work together.

  1. The sessions are confidential
  2. The therapy practice is private
  3. The fees are affordable
  4. The initial consultation is free


psychotherapy derby

One of the many testimonials I have received on Trustpilot says :-

Steve really helped me to get control back…

Steve really helped me to get control of a number of things that were holding me back. I wasn’t dealing with stress well at all and had problems with unhelpful self sabotaging behaviours….






Please Note:

If you suffer from Clinical or Manic depression in Derby, Chesterfield, Ashbourne, Belper, Heanor, Matlock, Bakewell, Buxton, please seek the advice and support of your doctor before anything else.

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